Floser is a company producing flowerpots for professional plant growers. The firm has been in existence since 2009 and is a part of Sterna sp.j.. Thanks to modern manufacture technologies and design, we create products of the highest quality. The first series of Floser pots that appeared on the market was BT. We designed a universal pot that was excellent for cultivation in greenhouses and outside. The commercial success of the pot drove the development of the firm and production of other pots’ series. Currently, we are working on our latest series SK. The SK series is dedicated to nursery production.

  Our pots are made from regranulated polypropylene, which is strong and stiff. We enrich the material with substances preventing from electrostatics, UV radiation, and breaking. We buy material only from reputable suppliers. Every batch is checked before production.

In our production we use modern short time cycle injection moulding machines and stacking robots. Thanks to a very precise recurrent injection our products are of the best quality.

Pots are formed in multi cavity molds, made in our tool shop. Our own production and service of molds give us possibility to increase control of injection process and quality of flowerpots.