A compact potting machine for filling pots from 8 to 30 cm in diameter. It can be used with both round and square pots. Its size makes it possible to place the machine in the most ergonomic place. The machine can be powered by 230 V socket. The potting machine does not need compressed air. All the functions are mechanical and powered by electric engines. The potting machine’s maximum capacity is 3200 pots per hour. The speed is regulated by the control panel. Many practical options are available for the machine, such as a conveyor belt, a pot dispenser with a container, an extra large peat container, an airflow improving pots’ distribution.


The pot dispenser is driven by a cord transmitting the engine drive. The distribution of small as well as big pots is very smooth. There is also available an electric pusher which is very useful with the top pot dispenser. It stabilises the pots stack when it is refilled by the top dispenser.


  The fertiliser dispenser is produced in one-chamber and two-chamber version. The amount of fertiliser can be regulated by the exchange of the part that measures the given amount of the fertiliser. The dispenser can be mounted in two places - beyond the drilling station, or on the first station distributing the peat. In the second case, the fertiliser goes to the half-full pot.
Thanks to the rotary table it is easy to adjust the machine to different pot sizes, from 8 to 30 cm. The drilling system can make holes from 2 to 23 cm. Using a special drilling plate makes it possible to make several holes in one pot.   The shelf for multiplats has a regulation of a slope angle, which lets for adjusting the workplace for individual preferences.